New things to come!

Hello friends,

Just checking in to assure you that all is going well.  I got a research assistantship working on a global poverty research project!  I’m super excited.  Also, I made fajitas today.  And I went to the Champs-Elysees last night.  That is the big news of the week.  I’ve been working on a blog for everyone (not just a blog for me close friends), and that will be coming soon.  Also, I will be posting pictures soon too, so stay tuned.  I haven’t forgotten you, and you will hear more about the fabulous world of Paris shortly (I do have a full-length blog planned, I just need to write it tomorrow).  I leave you with two thoughts this evening: 1) there is an art to running with dogs that I have yet to learn. 2) Sometimes pretending that I speak terrible French is necessary on trains.


3 comments on “New things to come!

  1. colleenhopes says:

    Running with dogs? hrm. Also I have a feeling there are some hilariously awful stories behind “no speak french” that you need to spill.
    love you ma’am.

  2. lexzuri says:

    I’m thinking that the terrible french thing must go with the shirt that says “I smile because I’m American, not because I’m interested.” Also, I want to hear about the running with dogs thing. Vic, we know you’re busy with starting grad school, adjusting to a new country, and now this grad assistantship, but surely you can find time to share more details! Har har har. (That was sarcasm.) Anyway, about the assistantship, that sounds extremely interesting and fulfilling! I am now hungry for fajitas, and I feel almost ashamed to admit that I haven’t a clue what the Champs-Elysees is. Help! I’m so uncultured. I’ve started this new thing where I admit my ignorance and own it instead of quick looking things up on google and pretending I knew all along. That being said, I’m on my way to google.

  3. lexzuri says:

    Really? Actually I do know what it is. I just looked it up and I do know, but I didn’t know well enough to know that I knew, you know? There’s always more to learn and I am sure you had an amazingly fantastic time there!

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