Most of you guys know that I am very auditory, not so visual.  I’m used to basing my judgments on what I hear, not what I see.  Sometimes, I know that something looks good, but I can’t necessarily tell you why.  Despite all this, I’ve chosen to live in a city driven by aesthetics.  It’s a complete inversion of my value system (pretty things/ people actually make me nervous).  My family in particular has always tended to value form over function, practicality over style.  Now, I’m gaining my own education in the value of aesthetics, something I never really thought mattered.  Fortunately, Susan helped me start training my eye, and there’s no going back.

I suppose if you begin your life taking field trips to see the world’s most beautiful art, you can’t avoid developing an eye for beauty.  Like a Parisian kindergartner, I’m learning to do the same.  Perhaps appearances are more important than I thought.

A favorite at the Louvre


2 comments on “Appearances

  1. Kara says:

    You’ve just set off another line of thinking: what if there WAS a place that focused on an aural aesthetic? What would it be like? And how cool would it be?

  2. lexzuri says:

    AWESOME! You enjoy that beauty Vic 🙂

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