Why does religion have to make things awkward?

I’m afraid my blogging has been a bit remiss of late, and I think most of you know the story of the semester from hell, so I won’t bore you with details, but I have some new thoughts that I would love your input.

I have been having a lot of religious/scientific conversations lately, and I was wondering about your perspective on apologetics.  I’ve also promised to read/ respond to arguments in The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.  Because I’ve been reading this, I’ve been thinking about all the things that Christianity brings to my life that are difficult to explain.  Because of Christ, I have an identity that doesn’t depend on my performance, I know I am deeply loved and nothing will ever change that, I have hope for the future and strength for the present, and I have a sense of wonder at the complexity of the universe.  Dawkins (in addition to many other atheists) seem to think science and religion are diametrically opposed.  What about you guys?  Is science impeded by religion?  How do I respond to these claims?

I’m reading this after just finishing Chesterton’s Orthodoxy.  I definitely don’t agree with all that Chesterton asserts, but he paints the world as such a magical place, full of adventures, mystery, wonder, and danger.  Perhaps I am too much of a poet for my own good, but how do I compare Chesterton’s world with that of Dawkins?  And how do I convey the difference?

In the end, part of me thinks that nothing I can say, no logical demonstration can ever change anyone’s mind for the existence of God.  It is hard for me to talk about Christianity, because it cuts to the core of my very being, but I’m learning.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Reading material?


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